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Discourse Studies: Aims and Scope

Discourse Studies is a multidisciplinary and international journal for the general study of text and talk. Its aim is to publish outstanding research in any domain of the study of spoken and written discourse. It combines state of the art and novel theory formation with sophisticated descriptions of any level of discourse structure, including those of (inter) action, non-verbal activity and images.

Although excellent work from any domain of discourse studies is welcome, Discourse Studies particularly invites contributions on discourse from the following (sub) disciplines:

-Linguistics (grammar)
-Cognitive and social psychology
-Ethnography of speaking and communication
-Interpersonal Communication

Articles on social and political issues, as well as critical approaches are particularly welcome for the companion journal Discourse & Society.

Discourse Studies favors articles that cross (sub) disciplinary boundaries, use discourse data from different languages, and whose authors are able to contribute to the ethnic and cultural diversity of the journal.

Discourse Studies intends to stimulate debate through reviews, discussion sections, squibs and other contributions that encourage theoretical and analytical critique and renewal.

Discourse Studies is not only a forum for well-known, senior scholars. It particularly also welcomes work by brilliant young scholars in the field.

Discourse Studies provides practical information for its readers, for instance about upcoming conferences and symposia, about interesting web-sites and about new developments in various countries and sub-disciplines.

Discourse Studies is an accessible journal. Its papers are written in a clear and pedagogic style, avoid esoteric jargon, and respect the needs and interests of readers of several levels of expertise in many countries and disciplines.

See also Preferred Articles and Instructions to Authors.